Prashant Kakad


Dance United Founder Prashant

Multidisciplinary artist & culture bearer Prashant Kakad founded Dance United in 2022. Known and beloved as a Bollywood singer, dancer, choreographer, and DJ, Prashant has injected the irresistible taste of Indian music and dance into events up and down the West Coast for over a decade. In doing so, he’s increased visibility and built essential community hubs for South Asians and other immigrants.

Rooted in Joy: A Celebratory Spirit

Moving to US from India in 2003 was a significant shift in Prashant’s life. In 2011, he gave a TEDx talk sharing his story of growing up in a lower middle class family in India. As a youngster, his sole focus in life was achieving good grades to secure a job. He graduated from Cornell University and moved to Portland in 2006 to begin an engineering job at Intel.

Three years later, he left the security of his corporate job to pursue his dreams — sharing Indian music and dance with everyone around him. He’d discovered he was truly happiest on the dance floor and while teaching Bollywood-inspired dance classes for kids and adults. Most nights after work, he’d go out to listen to music and dance every chance he got.

And so, Bollywood Dreams Entertainment came to life. For over a decade, Prashant has helped other performers and musicians reach wider, more diverse audiences through dance parties and community celebrations.

The Mission: Increase Visibility for South Asian People in Oregon

Prashant constantly invests his time and energy to support solidarity among other immigrants and people of color through his projects. He forges relationships to create inclusive and safe spaces for the South Asian community to celebrate traditional events while providing an immersive and educational experience for all participants.

His reputation of delivering love-filled world-class entertainment has allowed him opportunities to perform with repeat invitations from: Oregon Country Fair, the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Salem World Beat Festival, and others.

Snehal S. Bodke



An IT professional for over a decade, Snehal is passionate about building community. As the technical lead for banking and financial projects, she excels at coordinating and delivering complicated projects efficiently. She brings significant project management and stakeholder engagement skills to our team.

A recent immigrant from India who is adapting to life in Portland, Snehal loves spending her free time running in local parks, visiting the Rose Garden, and riding her bike over the Tilikum Bridge.

Snehal is an artist and dancer whose inspiration to explore artistic endeavors is inspired by her mother, aunt and older sister. Her love for music, sharing the joy of dancing, as well as educating kids guided her to support Dance United.

Lisa Cox



Artist, environmental educator, and creative collaborator Lisa excels at building partnerships and facilitating experiences to enrich people’s lives. She is passionate about improving access to the arts by connecting people to nature and science through movement and hands-on activities.

Lisa has decades of experience in developing youth and environmental education programs and managing million-dollar grant programs. She has also designed and funded internship and pollution prevention projects — all while cultivating her own artistic endeavors, and enjoying time spent outdoors.

Combining her love of art, nature and science while supporting underserved communities working for Dance United is deeply fulfilling for Lisa.


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